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of new york is expected to announce he will not run for re-election. it comes after revelations in an aids domestic abuse case. we are following a major snowstorm battling the entire northeast. tens of thousands of people lost power. airport delays across the country. >>> we will preview the coming gold medal events. hello, i'm david shuster, live in washington. we are going to begin with breaking news out of the white house. white house social secretary desiree rogers will have more room in her calendar. she's decided to step down. lawmakers criticized her after salahi's crashed the state dinner. they testified, rogers refused. president obama defended her and called it an error. she says it's a good time for me to explore opportunities in the corporate world. desiree rogers, social level to the president and vice president. she will step down at the end of the month. you are looking at a live picture from new york. new york governor, david paterson is about to drop his bid six days after kicking off his re-election campaign. we expect him to step up to the podium any minute no
. we're waiting two major live events, one in new york, the other in washington. first the new york governor david paterson expected to get out of the race. not to run for a full term amid an evolving scandal involving one of his aides. the new york governor took over or elliott spitzer who resigned in scandal. robert gibbs is taking questions one day after republicans faced off with president obama and democrats over healthcare reform. it's a very business hour on tv and on line. both events are streaming on we start with a scandal in the big city. there are reports that the new york governor david paterson will pull the plug on his election campaign. officials are trying to determine if he intim dated a woman. last night governor patterson said he would continue the campaign. he was lieutenant governor and took over the state's top spot when elliott spitzer resigned after word surfaced of his involvement with a prostitution ring. eric, what do we know about these accusations? they seem to keep coming. >> it's a surprise. this happened two days ago. it has to do with o
and now a new snowstorm is hitting. many flights into mayor airports from d.c. up to new york are being suspended. 600 flights are cancelled at chicago o'hare and midway's airports. >> we all get freaked out, but hope we are one of the lucky ones to leave. >> it says on time. >> totally done. my 3-year-old son says i'm tired of christmas, mommy. >> one of our i-reporters sent in pictures from his flight in columbus, ohio. he took them wait iing for the plane to take off. let me see the pictures. oh, there's not a whole lot to see. that? i don't want to take off in that. you can see crews trying to clear the snow from the runway. people waited patiently. he eventually made it to laguardia. new york is expected to get hammered. none of the city's schools are going to be open. there's a live look for you. boston announced it's having a snow day. in d.c., it's the third straight day schools and government offices will be closed. i guess it means the president's daughters don't have to ride to school in a motorcade. they are expecting another ten inches of snow. ten inches! let me spell it o
tonight. it's big and relentless. democrats disarray from the white house to the new york state house to congress, some big names are in the news tonight. the news isn't good for them. >>> the originals. before this year's team usa, before the 1980 "miracle on ice," there were these guys. and guts and glory. the moments that defined these olympic games and the tenacious athletes that made them happen. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, and back east tonight, everybody is saying the same thing, this is the kind of winter it seems like we used to have. the kind of winter we now rarely see. tonight in the northeast, it's in the grips of a huge swirling, relentless storm. some incredible amounts of snowfall, traffic nightmares and life has been disrupted dangerously so for a lot of people. by one estimate, there are 1 million americans without power over a several-state area. over a thousand flights canceled. in the thick of it, hundreds of people were stranded on one stretch of new york highway overnight. central park in new york, a
hospitalized in new york city, as we have been reporting. he underwent a procedure to replace two accidents in one of his coronary arteries much the former president is not in any life-threatening condition. he went to the hospital under his own power after a visit with his cardiologist. his daughter, chelsea is with him at the columbia campus of new york presbyterian hospital and secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to new york right now. president clinton, who is 63 years old, successful quadruple bypass surgery back six years ago in 2004. a statement released by his office, the former president's office, says he is in good spirits and will continue to focus on the work of his foundation, that is the clinton global foundation, and haiti's recovery efforts, of which he is at the forefront. nbc's savannah guthrie is at the white house with the latest and bob bazell is nbc news's chief science and medical correspondent. we want to go first to savannah with the president, president clinton's role with regard to all of this. is he in touch with the former president? what is going on wh
of new york are just a lot more valuable than the ones down in virginia. were we not a target there? maybe i'm wrong on this. i don't think i can. i'm making the wrong decision to entertain this. it should be exactly where the crime was committed, take it to them, and i want to know what you folks think about this tonight. text survey question is -- you want to see the alleged text a for yes and b for no. i'll bring you the results -- >> congressman, i don't even know where you stand on this. if i'm wrong, let me know. should we have the trial here in new york or all of the things that have been stated by the conservatives? >> basically they come down to a similar place. my view is that we poll lit size terror much too much. we in new york have terror trials going on all the time. we have two going on right now this instant. the question i have is we've held this guy for six years and he hasn't been brought to justice, hasn't been put to death and we're tieing ourselves in legal knots. we have the best prosecutors anywhere. we have the best police force in new york that anyone could
.i., and southern new england. -- toward new york city, long island, and southern new england. it looks like it will come into northern pennsylvania and southern new york state. a lot of this snow we have seen in pennsylvania will work back down into maryland. the storms strengthening will mean it will buffet as with some very strong winds. that is where the high wind warning is in effect. -- that is why the high wind warning is in effect. do you think folks are ready for the second part of this storm? >> i think they are, considering what we have had the past couple of weeks. i think we will be ok. things have picked up here in northwest baltimore in the past couple of hours. nothing crazy, but you can tell the queen has picked up. the main concern will be power outages -- the wind has picked up. the main concern will be power outages. you get a good guest of wind and the saturated ground and the wind is going to not that tree down -- not that tree down. but b.g.e. says they are prepared for whatever happens. >> not so much a major snow event, but rather, a major wind event. we could have s
next. >>> coming up tonight from snowy and cold new york, it has arrived. the big winter storm here in new york, but much more important, a second big hit for cities like washington and baltimore. complete coverage here tonight. >>> also, what was that that woke up so many folks this morning in the midwest? turns out it was just what they thought it was. >>> rising tensions in iran. a widening crackdown and there are fears tonight something big may be coming. >>> and is it downhill for the american ski racer many said wod be the face of the vancouver olympic games? she came public today with a revelation that could end her participation. "nightly news" from snowy new york and elsewhere begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, from new york. we are alongside the famous 30 rockefeller skating rink tonight. this is the pummeling, punishing conditions tonight as a massive snowstorm bears down on the major metropolitan areas here in the east. most important cities like washington, baltimore, that are getting their second big hit in less than a week. and
and appears to have die heed on his own terms. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >>> that's it for "360." thanks for watching. we'll be in port-au-prince tomorrow. larry king starts now. >> larry: tonight breaking news, bill clinton hospitalized. the former president stricken with sudden, unexpected chest pains undergoing a heart procedure. i know something about that. secretary of state hillary clinton rushes to his side. we have all the latest. and then a primetime exclusive. embattled new york governor david paterson is here, and he's not holding back defending himself against rumor, innuendo and gossip about alleged sexual affairs and unproven claims of illegal drug use. he's going to confront it all head on next on "larry king live ." >> larry: good evening. to the latest on the bill clinton health scare. here's the president's doctor right now with details of what happened earlier today. >> this is part of the natural history, just as illnesses have natural history, treatments have natural histories. this particular type of bypass draft has about a 10 to 20% failure rate at five to six yea
at airports across the country. and roads are a mess all over the place. one of our new york producers noted today, today was the commute from hell. >>> also, ahead, the impact of president oobama's made for tv health care summit. are we any closer to legislation that congress can agree on? >> this government can't afford it. businesses can't afford it. >> the cost issue is legitimate and whether we can afford it or not, we'll be discussing that. >> our special guest this mohou pennsylvania governor ed rendell and tim kaine. we're expecting a new report on the death of the trainer at seaworld. and jack hanna will weigh in on the whale that was involved. the latest incident is the third death linked to this whale. >> amazing. americans are soaring in the homestretch of the winter olympics in vancouver. we're going to begin with one of the most remarkable winter storms the northeast has seen in years. the snow has been wet and heavy. that's not unusual. but the winds have been brutal, topping 60 miles per hour. yes, 60 miles an hour in the midst of a snowstorm. the rare combination prompted th
hospitalized earlier this afternoon and taken to columbia prezby tary bsbyterian in new york city where he experienced chest pains and two stents were placed in the coronary arteries. this is the latest development. a spokesman telling cnn that today president bill clinton was admitted to the columbia campus of new york's presbyterian hospital after feeling discomfort in his chest. after a visit to his cardiologist, he underwent a procedure to place two stents in his coronary arteries. he is in good spirits, and le continue with his foundation, and haiti recovery, and he is described in good spirits this afternoon. we understand that his wife, the secretary of state hillary clinton, is on the way to new york to the hospital to be with her husband. we also know that his daughter, chelsea, is by his side. she is there in the hospital with him. we will have the latest updates on this breaking news story. the very latest on the former president, bill clinton, hospitalized in new york city after chest pains. but i want to go to some other stories that are making news as well. our own lisa sylve
,000 visitors each day. kristen gives us an insider's tour of one of new york's most magnificent landmarks. >> welcome to grand central terminal, the busiest train station in the country. >> grand central was built because there was a new technology in the 1800s, trains. and it was rapidly replacing earlier modes of transportation. in order to understand the importance of grand central, you have to understand the importance of the railroad to the united states and to the world at that time. before the railroad came along, the only way to get across the country, or from any points, was either by horse and carriage, or by canal, which was very slow. the railroad revolutionized the ability to move across the country, and they became an extraordinarily powerful business. >> so powerful, in fact, that in 1947, over 65 million people, the equivalent of almost half our nation's population at the time, passed through grand central in just one year. that gave birth to a popular saying in the 1940s, "busier than grand central station." except that name is not quite correct. the real name of this bui
, which is really screwing people. >> more politics. the new york governor will not run for reelection, and we have a bipartisan jobs bill. >> after all you have heard, there is one at rumor that i will confirm -- i am running for governor this year, and we will win this year. >> not so fast, governor paterson. "the washington post" and "politico" reported on friday that he will not run. what is the reason, mark? >> a dozen stories, scandals. "the new york times" revealed that he was involved -- the closest guy to him, had become his closest confidante, had allegedly beaten up his girlfriend, was going to court, and david paterson, the governor, actually called a global man, had the state police calling her -- called the woman, had the state police calling her. his numbers were in that tank. andrew cuomo was begin two-one, had five times as much money. there was no way he could be nominated. >> he was elected on the eliot spitzer ticket is there something in the water up there? >> he should said that this is as good as it gets, i am not running for reelection bid his ratings are in the
're keeping track of it for you. >>> also breaking today, a firestorm too many for new york governor david paterson. he has revealed his decision on his political future. >>> breaking news in south carolina. more of the governor's private life on display. a judge allows cameras into the sanford divorce proceedings. >>> and within the hour, seaworld will explain what it's decided to do with the 12,000-pound killer whale that killed its trainer. jack hanna weighs in. >>> let's begin with breaking news come ing to us from oklahoma, where it appears that police are on the scene, looking for a report of a gunman at oklahoma city community college in oklahoma city. the operator at the college says the school is now on lockdown and the hunt is on for a gunman. the details at this hour, sketchy. but we are looking for more information from the police there in oklahoma city. when we get that, we'll pass it along to you, about the community college there. >>> on this noon hour on the east coast here, the winter weather is whipping through the northeastern states, hurricane-force winds, 91 miles an h
in new york city where kids are enjoying the third snow day off from school in only six years. the city was spared over the weekend but today it's getting walloped. forecasters ex tekt 10 to 16 inches tonight in the big apple. across the northeast corridor hundreds of flights have been canceled today. reagan national airport in washington actually closed yesterday afternoon. continental airlines has now canceled all 500 of its flights at newark, new jersey, and u.s. airways has canceled most flights at new york's laguardia airport. nbc's brooke hart has been following the storm issues here in washington and she joins us now. brooke, we've been seeing a lot of trees down across the area. we can tell the wind is pick in up based on your live shot. >> reporter: good morning. that's a huge issue with the winds picking up. we can see them at 40, 45 miles an hour today. big, big issue. conditions have gone from bad to worse quickly. let me give you the sense how quickly. when my photographer and steve came out at 4:00 eastern this sidewalk was cleared. it was shoveled. this is the accumulatio
bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange as we're following at the close this snowy evening in new york city. we there a market that was higher today for much of the session. ended way off of the highs of the afternoon, but nonetheless, financial services lifted the dow jones industrial average and it finished higher by a fraction. volume on the light side today. winter weather throughout the northeast causing volume below a billion shares. a number of people taking the day off because of the snowy weather. 29 inches in central park, new york city. we'll take a look at the weather and the impact on travel as well as the markets coming up in the program. >>> in addition, here's a look at how we finished the day, the week, and by the way, yes, the month on wall street. the dow up three points for the day. s&p 500 up 1 1/2 points and the nasdaq composite up better than four points. the month, very strong. the s&p 500 up about 3% for the month of february. best february in several years. let's get more of what's been a volatile month certainly for the markets. brian shac
and the big bonuses. like here in new york. when those things didn't come through, big double. here is the good news for new york. new york's foreclosure rate happened to be really low. why? it's almost -- it's damn near impossible to actually buy property in new york. and so, new york, wasn't nearly as high on the pew center list as you'd expect. they're still in huge trouble. along with new jersey. actually, with all of the states that are reliant on heavy earners. not only do you see a lot of volatility based on market swings, that we're in now, but the millionaire tax, it doesn't really work? look at the volatility of californ california. how the tech bubble and housing bubble wrecked their plans. they drive people out of the states. rich people are rich, partly because they know how to protect their money. why would you live in california? state has become too progressive, they go to texas. if texas would become too progressive, then they take their money overseas. all this leads to the northeast being known as the economic black hole. how is business up in the northeast? compa
in a ditch or something. >>> bigger means costlier, new york city cleanup generally means $1 million for each inch of snowfall. >>> boy, let's keep this going. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ali velshi. >> tony, great job on the snee storm. we'll continue to cover it. >>> i'm ali velshi and i'll be with you for the next two hours monday through friday to help you break down on your decisions about voting and spending and let you know what's going on out there in the specific detail. >>> i've got a lot of detail for you. the snowstorm is making travel, working, and even the basic tasks a lot more complicated. >>> plus, toyota's troubles, what did the carmaker know and when did it know it? is this just a matter of an oversight, or was toyota actually holding information back on danger to its cars? >>> and, finally, disaster and disease. one always followms ts the othe. and there's no exception. it's happening in haiti. >> but the biggest thing going on in the country is the monster snowstorm. blizzard wonarnings from appalachia to new york city. and dulles and reagan national are both
you. >> larry: good evening. we will be speaking with new york governor david paterson later in the hour. we'll get right to the breaking news about bill clinton. you saw his cardiologist, dr. allen schwartz, spoke about the situation. we have with us in our studios here in new york the man who did the surgery on me, some 23 years ago this month, dr. wane isam, chairman of department prm of cardiothoracic surgery. that's a sister to this hospital. >> it's the -- new york presbyterian is the hospital. there's the uptown campus at columbia and downtown campus. >> larry: president clinton was at the uptown. you could have done his surgery. they called you but you didn't come. >> there's been a lot of misconception there. i think the cardiologist, that was on a holiday weekend. the cardiologist was calling probably a lot of people to see who was in town. i've said this before. i wanted to know who it was. they said, we can't tell you. so i'm thinking it's probably a gangster or a type of lawyer that i don't like. i said, well, i don't want to do him. i'm not coming in. >> larry:
who heard her crying. she has been placed with a foster familism police in new york say a woman whose burned body is found in a park is somehow connected to the case. they did not say if she was the baby's mother. >>> investigators say wounds on the victim from a fire were consistent with a fall near the ally comfort inn and suite. police have not ruled out other. he and two friends were out celebrating his birthday until 2:00. they say he went out for a walk and was found by his friends shortly after 3:00. >>> a pennsylvania woman will not spend time in jail for the hit-and-run death of an 11-year- old baltimore boy last year. the 79-year-old pleaded guilt toy a charge in the memorial day death of derek johnson. she was sentenced to two years probation. johnson was hit as he was trying his bike. he had been visiting family in pennsylvania. >>> sea world in orlando has reopened but shamu stadium where killer whales perform closed. this after a deadly attack yesterday. a veteran trainer was rubbing a killer whale from a pool-side platform when the 12,000 pound creature reached up and g
. >>> on the cbs "moneywatch," a late day rally for stocks in asia this morning. emily smith is here in new york with that and more. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning. yes, asian markets rebounded after hitting three month lows earlier in the day. hong kong's hang seng added half a% while the nikkei was up a fraction. wall street kicks off a new month hoping for better returns. friday the dow lost 52 points, the nasdaq gave back 31. stocks took a beating in january where the dow fell 3.5%, the nasdaq slid more than 5%. >>> well, toyota is unveiling its big fix today, but the damage appears to have been done to his bottom line. when automakers roll out their january sales, toyota market share is expected to have plunged to a four year low. auto analysts say the big he is beneficiary is likely ford whose sales held up best last year. >>> and another major recall involving the honda compact fit, model years 2007 and 8. worldwide, 646,000 of them are being controlled because of window controls that can overheat about it gets wet. >>> amazon says it still thinkingsts the price is too hig
and they improve blood flow and can prevent a artery from bursting. president clinton being treated at a new york hospital after complaining of chest pains, two stents were implanted to improve blood flow. secretary of state hillary clinton on the way to new york it be with him and we're staying on top of this and we'll have the latest as it comes in. >>> to the story, we're all struggling with and the big dig take 2. neighbors in northern virginia banding together to dig themselves out today. the roads, most main arteries look like it never snowed. they look fantastic and dangerous drifts are causing zero visibility in rural parts of the commonwealth. in the district, tops of snow taken off the streets, getting dumped in places like this. hence the former d.c. general hospital, for the most part, d.c.'s main streets look good as well and for the story that is different and in preps georges county, maryland, the big dig is being metmet with big frustrations. the county is struggling to catch up with the snow and half the equipment is broken down and salt supplies are low and drivers are told to g
a new york hospital today after undergoing a procedure to open a blocked heart artery. mr. clinton did not suffer a heart attack and hess prognosis is excellent. wendy gill let joins us from columbia presbyterian hospital here in new york with more. >> reporter: good morning. from all accounts, former president clinton is resting comfortably here inside the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. former president bill clinton could go home today, just a day after undergoing an emergency heart procedure at new york police bitearian hospital. it's the same place where he had a quadruple by pass in 2004. >> of the four bypass grafts that he had six years ago, one of the bypass grafts was completely blocked. >> reporter: clinton had complained of chest discomfort and tests showed the clogged artery. doctors inserted two stents that look like mesh tubes to restore blood flow. >> the proceed went very smoothly. president clinton has since been up and walking around and visiting with his family. he's in good spirits. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton flew in from washi
, everybody. welcome. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. it's the city where the trial of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks was supposed to be held, until the president finally listened to the people. he's now making plans to hold it elsewhere. form toer new york police commissioner howard safer is going to join us and he will tell us where he thinks khalid sheikh mohammed should face justice. and a community spokeswoman and local business owner on the impact that this has on the city. also, gayle haggard, the wife of former evangelical leader ted haggard on how she turned betrayal to forgiveness. legendary crooner, actor and conservative commentator pat boone is here. he will perform with the little rockers. everybody is talking about the president's "state of the union" address. the speech was a bit long. so let's break it down to some of the highlights and the lowlights. >> our most urgent task upon taking office was to shore up the same banks that helped cause the mess. we all hated the bank bail-out. i hated it. the california business that will put 1,00
a generator to keep going. a falling tree limb killed a man in new york central park and public schools are closed in the city. it's the second snow day of the month there and one and only in six years. having grown up in new york, i can tell you they don't close for schools too often. let's take a look at what's going on now. no storm continues to hit new york pretty hard. but not just new york. look at this. the intensity of the low is incredible, so is the track of it. i've never seen a storm do a loop, to stick around and bring snow for two consecutive days to the same area. that topped with the intense wind, it's just incredible. the winter weather advisories extend into northern maine. i want to mention that in maine i just read about a wind gust over 70 miles per hour. that is nearly hurricane force strength in the winds. that's why we're seeing power outages. we still have blizzard warnings in west virginia and north carolina. these are the high wind gusts. this will effect you. if it stops snowing where you, are the strong winds could blow the snow about creating snowdrift that
be held here on the east coast instead of vancouver, although new york and vancouver may be the only two cities without a ton of snow right now, correct? >> reporter: it's true. it was in the low 50s here yesterday. as i look over my shoulder here, i can still see it looks like a few flurries this morning. that's the first we've seen of that. hopefully that means real serious snow in the mountains behind me. >> they'll need that plus just a little more to get things ready for the events i'm sure. there may be a shortage of snow here. not here on the east coast where people are digging out from nearly 40 inches of snow in the hardest-hit areas in and around washington, d.c. the sheer weight of the snow caused at least two roofs to collapse, one at dulles international airport where they got a record 32 inches of snow and elsewhere around the east coast philadelphia got hit with a record 27 plus inches, our friends in baltimore, 26 inches. and believe it or not, more could be on the way. we're going to tell you when and where coming up in a little bit, lester. >> reporter: and then here in
york, and maine. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >>> good morning to you. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, february 26th, 2010. and it's windy out there. >> it is, indeed. let's take a look outside right now. our area remains under a high wind warning. >> in frederick county, gusts have been measured a high as 60 miles an hour. let's get our first forecast from tom kierein in storm center 4. >> hey, barbara and tom. thankfully, over the last hour or so, the winds are diminishing just a little bit, but they're still gusting over 40 miles an hour. right now on radar too, we have some snow showers and flurries now from the northern neck of virginia into st. marys, calvert, andharles counties. farther to our north, steadier snow in howard county, almost an inch there, as well as eastern montgomery county, east of interstate 270, a dusting of snow from damascus down to wheaton and around silver spring. and prince george's county had a dusting of snow from the northern part of the county near greenbelt and laurel and college park. and ac
] >> hello everybody, welcome, welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city, it's the city with the trial of the master mind and 9/11 attacks was supposed to be held until the president finally listened to the people and making plans to hold it elsewhere. howard saper is going to be joining us, telling us where he thinks that khalid shaikh mohammed should face justice. a community spokeswoman and local business owner on the impact this has on the city. and also gail haggard, former wife of ted haggard, how she turned betrayal into forgiveness. and pat boone is here, he's going to perform with the little rockers. [applause] >> everybody is talking about the president's state of the union address. the speech was a bit long, so let's break it down to some of the highlights and the low lights. >> our most urgent task upon taking office was to shore up the same banks that helped cause this crisis. we all hated the bank bailout. i hated it, the california business that will put a thousand people to work making solar panels, building a new generation of safe, clean, nuclear power
up to an inch an hour in some areas. new york city, philadelphia and washington, d.c. the national weather center calling this storm extremely dangerous and life-threatening. folks in baltimore have been banned from driving on the roads all together. thousands of people in several states reporting power outages and this hour and this thing is just getting started. we have full fox team coverage. we have catherine craig in new jersey. janice, what are we looking at? >> we are look at blizzard 2010. the pinks and the blues are the winter storm warnings. but see the reds? those are blizzard warnings. we are expecting snow and blowing snow to reduce visibility to cripple travel. this will be a concern throughout the afternoon and overnight tonight and even tomorrow. let's take a look at this storm system that is a double-barrel blow. low pressure off the great lakes and another low pressure set to move off the atlantic coast. this is classic nor'easter right here. we are dealing with the potential for inches of snow, feet of snow and blizzard conditions from d.c. up to boston. this was
york times" might report on the governor. >>> stuck in neutral. why did news organizations all but ignore the long history of toyota's troubles? >>> ladies in the lime light, michelle obama defended herman and sarah palin consults her hand. >>> dirty little secret. how to do a tv report without breaking a sweat. >>> first came the rumors on the web, then the mainstream media covered the rumors, the allegations of the rumored "new york times" story that had not yet been published. then the rumors rach ed up to say the times piece was about to come out and that david paterson would resign. he didn't. not a single verifiable fact being reported? >> in a state known for odd political developments this is up in the top ten list. not only has no story been published yet. governor paterson is lashing back at what he calls an orchestrated scandalous assault on his character. he says it's all false. >> the article will be written about other subjects and not the ones surrounding the mass speculation and feeding frenzy and circus we have witnessed the last couple weeks. >> how on earth d
tracking this storm. >> the center of it is around new york city. there it is, with all of that rain in eastern new england. from hudson east, it's heavy, heavy rain in boston. like 42 degrees and rain. west of albany. heavy snow all through new york. pennsylvania, new jersey. this area west of new york is really going to get hit. really, very heavy snow. and very, very strong winds. across pennsylvania now. snow around harrisburg. slowly heading southward, down 83. later tonight, we do expect to see snow in the baltimore region. and the winds will continue to get stronger throughout the night. that's why they have a winter storm warning, east of us, northeast of us. and high wind warnings for much of the state of maryland. garrett county and frost burg west. whiteout conditions already in some of those areas. now, bernadette in the outback. with the breeze picking up. we have a look at how strong it will probably get and our current winds. >> reporter: you can hear it in the trees already. i want to show you what these winds are, as they continue to increase in the last
. and while the snow is pulling down power lines in new york, it's the wind that is a problem out in philly. reynolds wolf is there. reynolds? >> reporter: yeah, we talk about the big events and the events where we are dealing with the snowfall, and the other thing is obviously the wind. what is interesting across the reswrun, when you think about the cold weather, cold weather when you get to the freezing point, it hardens water and freezes water and you have ice. in the trees, think about when you have the freezing conditions, they don't bend as easily when you have the strong winds. and that is going to cause tree branches to snap, and we have a lot of tree branches along the power lines. it's inevitable on many of the tree-lined streets we will see issues of power outages. you see the lights are up and on and people are moving about and that's good news for the time being, but as you can imagine that's going to change. one big change you are seeing at the airports, for southwest airlines going to philly, all the flights have been cancelled and we'll see more of that. slow and go for tra
jersey, upstate new york, and pennsylvania. that's where hundreds of members of the national guard were actually called up to help deal with all the snow. a combination of 50 mile an hour wind gusts in some places, heavy wet snow, proved deadly in new york city when a hundred pound tree limb came down on a man in central park. >>> a powerful and strange storm has meteorologists fascinated but travelers frustrated and we're all over the extreme weather this morning, rob marciano live, we have reynolds wolf live outside in the elements in philly. first we're going to check in with susan candiotti in central park. this was a scene of tragedy when a huge elm limb went down on somebody that was there. >> oh, yes. it's a horrible tragedy, to say the least. but messy is the watch word here today. look at the snow we're in at the foot of central park on the south end of it right now in columbus circle and you can see some of the tire tracks here. you see they got about a foot of snow here. it has been snowing nonstop since yesterday. as you indicated it's coming down straight, coming across sid
'll start with the white house. the next. we move on to new york city. oh! >> as you know, i usually get in at 3:30 in the morning. >> out shoveling, right? >> times square. just got in a minute ago and the snow is really starting to come down. a live look at 30 rock. new york city, supposed to get 6 to 8 inches by noon, and a foot by tonight. that's dulles airport, washington, d.c. obviously the lead story of "the washington post" today is that washington, d.c., the nation's capital, has surrendered, finally just given up to the elements. they've been hit with so many blizzards and snowstorms this year and they've basically shut the place down for a week. >> it probably makes sense. no school for the kids. >> no school for the kids. >> on our school closings list today, we have john heilemann at the school closings desk. and mark halperin, you have road closings. >> triborough, 15 minute delays. i recommend the lincoln tunnel. >> and speaking of the kids -- >> back up. heavy traffic. >> all the way to vancouver, it's so bad. >> oh, look at our boy. >> willie, i must say last week, while
was arrested five years ago in new york city. right now, state officials say that they have no idea on how he was accidentally released or where he might be going. >>> well, let's get to the evening rush hour. in the traffic center, and look at those headlights. >> take a look at that, i thought it was starting to break up a little bit. still pretty congested here. leaving the district. washington boulevard, to the mixing bowl. pretty heavy at 95 southbound enough. nothing blocking the travel lanes there. but we're going to see the delays from fairfax county parkways. switching over to the beltway, tonight, looking pretty good. and no congestion here. 95 to 2720. and although they are here on the inner loop towards prince george's county as well, the winds are shaking up the camera. watch out for that. check out the drive times tonight. the 25-minute drive and up to speed out here. watch out for the winds. of course, debris on the roadway and the signal lights are going out. >> now, the latest update on the deadly attack at seaworld. an autopsy shows that dawn brancheau died of drowning and w
reconsidered this issue of ksm and the trial in new york. here's my question. instinctively, they didn't think it was a bad idea. instinctively they thought it was okay to give miranda rights to the christmas day bomber. instinctively they say there is not a war on terror. he thinks he cancu negotiate with iran without preconditions. i'm concerned about their instincts. >> you don't know where they are going to end up because they keep equivocating. if mayor bloomberg had not come out so aggressively against what he estimated to be a billion dollar waste offhañ money they might still be going to new york. i don't think they are doing this because they are rethinking it. the obvious answer is try them in a military tribunal and try them in éñ cuba. we have a facility at guantanamo go ahead and use it. they are going to maneuver, dance, bob and weave and do all sorts of things. it is a terrible idea to take terrorists into a civilian criminal court under procedures which allow them to try to get american secrets out in the open. it is a terrible waste of money for the american taxpayer to fu
. i haven't. now, i will. >>> when we come back, the president's about face. if not new york, wherehould they try the mastermind. >>> we continue now with a look at the road conditions you can expect for your morning commute. it could be slippery along i-40 and i-35 and rainy on i-5 from northern california to seattle. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, minneapolis, kansas city, miami, new orleans and houston. >>> well, one item set to take a huge bite of out of president obama's huge budget the cost of security for the 9/11 terror trials if held on u.s. soil. >> estimates running around $200 million. some lawmakers say it's just too much. >> reporter: the obama administration says the cost of trying terrorists in u.s. federal court could be as much as $200 million. and some lawmakers are saying no. >> if there's somewhere we can try them without spending that money, why spend the money? we've got a lot of other fiscal problems. >> reporter: now that new york is likely off the table as a venue for the 9/11 trials some lawmakers are pointing finrs at
stories, the scandals. "the new york times" revealed that he was involved -- the closest i to him, became his closest confidante, had legedly beaten up his girlfriend, was going to court, and david paterson, the governor, actually called bowman and had the state police calling her. scandal upon scandal. his numbers were in the tank. andrew cuomo was beating him a better than two-one, had four times as much money. there was no way he could be nominated. >> he became a governor on the heels of the eliot spitzer scandal. is there something in the water up there? >> he was there because eliot spitzer put him there. he should have realized that was as high as he was going to go. he should have said that this is as good as it gets, i am not running for reelection. his ratings are in the toilet, and what will happen to the rest of the new york delegation in washington, including charlie rangel? >> it is kind of an epidemic in new york of political and ethical issues. you have charlie rangel, a very powerful chairman, at the committee -- ethics committee saying he violated the rules. democrats ha
york democrats. the incumbent governor bows out. a powerful congressman comes under new attack. the taliban strikes hard at the heart of afghanistan. we'll have a report from kabul. and the border patrol mixes brain power with horse power to protect the homeland. that plus the fox all-stars and the friday lightning round. right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the ball is in the president's court on healthcare report following thursday's bipartisan summit. will he actually consider suggestions from republican lawmakers or follow through with a not-so-vailed threat to ram through his own plan. senior white house correspondent major garrett begins our coverage. >> we didn't have the meeting yesterday because cable lacked something to show. >> reporter: the white house called thursday's talks productive and said g.o.p. ideas are in hands of healthcare czar. they may become part of the legislative mix. >> i think the president and the team will work on it through the weekend. >> reporter: despite the soothing words a republican who attended t
evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. former president bill clinton has been hospitalized in new york city after complaining of chest pains. a hospital source in new york tells nbc news he went into the hospital under his own power, and received a stent. president clinton who is 63 had successful bypass surgery back in 2004. nbc savannah guthrie is at the white house with the latest news. savannah, the president's condition? >> reporter: we don't know. in fact, chris, there are very few details we have right now. we know he went to the hospital today with chest pains. that he had has apparently been outfitted with a stent for his heart. you mentionsed he has had heart problems in the past, having had a quadruple bypass in 2004. it is expected he will spend the night in the hospital in new york. the white house is aware of this. unclear at this point if the president has been told. however, i do know in the last hour the press secretary was with the president in the oval office, so presumably he would have briefed the president, chris. >> okay. thank you, savannah guthrie. let's go to
sta staff. >> new york state senate has passed a resolution opposing a trial for a 9/11 suspect in new york city. it urges president obama and the attorney general to move the proceedings back to the military justice system. a republican who introduced the measure says the holding the trial in manhattan would put new yorkers at risk unnecessarily. >> an african-american political trail blazer wants president obama to cut his losses now. and is the president barking up the wrong tree with one nominee for a federal job? the senate has decided. the verdict next. new york city a town where all walks of life cross paths. a health mart town. here, pharmacist marc brandell practices what he calls, providing programs like "health for heroes" finding ways to fill prescriptions for uninsured rescue workers. community minded care, clinical expertise, it's what makes marc a health mart pharmacist and what makes new york city a health mart town. there are health mart towns across america. find your locally owd health mar at >> despite the threat of another snowstorm here in washingto
situation. sarah i never made it to new york. how bad are things now? >> delays and cancellations up and down the east coast. more than 4,000 flights are grounded nationwide. this is a look at philadelphia airport where plows are working hard to clear the snow. almost every flight is canceled at philadelphia's airport. now we'll look at reagan national airport in washington at the height of the snowstorm. as you can tell, flights aren't going anywhere. inside passengers are forced to wait out the storm until flights start moving. delta scrubbed 900 flights today and expects operations from d.c. to philadelphia to be shut down almost entirely tomorrow. moving north to new york city where snow is falling an inch an hour, this is a look at laguardia. american airlines shut down operations at laguardia at noon while continental canceled all flights today. mayor bloomberg went to work but took the subway to city hall instead of bracing no packed treats. he urges commuters to do the same. this is an example of how dangerous this can be. there was a 50-car pileup near williamsburg, virginia
. there is no doubt that a city like new york has serious security and logistical concerns about a child and does should and can be taken into account. the president, chuck, believes that before and that the attorney general decided that these trials be held in, are the best way to deal with set to another's. >> my question was about the christmas bomber. have you rolled a modest treating him as an enemy combatant? >> that certainly was done with josÉ padilla they were indicted, transferred and indicted. i think that very experienced interrogators that the fbi made decisions about interrogation in the department justice may determination to seek an indictment and the president believes that's the appropriate place. >> the administration says there's no more intelligence to be gained. >> the white house has satisfied that the process of gaining that intelligence is working. >> and was the cai and members reporting this morning, with the cia asked for their input on the decision before he was indicted -- >> i want to be clear on this. i forget the exact day but i can look it up. when the president
clearly he was. the symptoms weren't so bad, don't forget, we had a big snowstorm in new york on wednesday, which was probably the reason he put off his visit to the cardiologist that was planned a long time. he was probably feeling short of breath and it got worse, we are just speculating on that he decided to take him in and do this procedure called a cardiac kath threat terization, they inject dye into the heart, see there is a blockage and open it up with this, first a balloon and then the piece of metal called a accident. but all that -- the lyndon johnson analogy is very important because none of that was available in those days and people just went off and died when they had heart disease of this kind. >> yeah. robert bazell, thank you so much for joining us. let's go become to the white house with savannah guthrie with the latest. savannah, so interesting the way these presidents, well, our president today, president obama, does increasingly keep up with the former presidents. >> yes, ma'am a >> yes and a lot to talk about recently. everything going on in haiti, president obama ask
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